Thursday, January 31, 2008

New Blog Under Construction

Hi I just started this blog so I could talk about the other things that interest me besides my art. There's a lot going on in my noggin and I feel like I need to hash it out Blog style. I get political, and I rant, I hope no one thinks any less of me when they get to know the other side of me. All human beings have opinions, mine is that. I hope this blog makes a kiddush Ha-Shem (sanctify the name of G-d). I can't be an Orthodox Jew living in Israel and not have strong opinions. I am politically right wing. I think Israel is the land of extremes, you cant be on the fence here. I follow the Torah and our Sages. I believe Israel is the homeland of the Jews. This Land was promised to us by G-d. So here I will talk about that. I will also talk about health and family and share recipes.