Sunday, September 21, 2008

Update/ Finally figured out the point of this blog!

Good morning! Boruch Hashem it is a beautiful morning. I am so grateful for the change in weather as I don't deal well in the heat.
I wanted to pick up again on this blog in the beginning of Elul and give a whole vort about what Elul is and what I plan to do for myself and family.
Rosh Hashana is right around the corner so I am really diving in to two things mainly... Making Hashem my King (solidifying that relationship) and planning my menu for the chagim and cooking up a storm. So with that being said I am in the midst of making my meat order and chicken order.
Sadly there is no machirah (special sale) on organic chicken. So here I am ordering the standard, non- organic chicken. I have to say though that at this time it's what I can do. I do the best with meat as well. The meat I order is from Uruguay and is not injected with hormones and is allowed to graze and feed on grasses and not corn and soy feed. I'll gladly take that any day!
I am going to be tying in a lot of health as I see best for my needs trying to be informative and helpful to any of my readers. I have become a fanatic over my years about healthy living.
I am dedicating this blog to the memory of my dear friend Sherry Roseman her Hebrew name Tzivia Bas Gedalia. She passed away this last month of the dreaded illness. May her memory be for a blessing and her soul have and aliya in shemayim. KY"R.
I apologize if my mixture of Jewish concepts and Hebrew words is inhibiting the readability of this blog. I am in essence writing this for my own needs and sanity as a way of tying in Spiritual Torah Judaism with a healthy lifestyle. I am hoping that those who live a life as this can learn also about health and how to transition into a healthier way of eating and life.
May my words and what I write here serve as a kiddush Hashem.
Have a blessed day!

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