Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Rabbi Chaim Richman From The Temple Institute Speaks Up!

"The American experience is based on colonialism and occupation... who's land is Israel occupying? We have returned to our own land!" If anything America is the hypocrite here if they think Israel stole land from Arabs and should return it. They should then return all of America to the Native Americans... because this is a fact that American soil used to belong to them! When the colonialists decided they wanted the land they systematically introduced diseases (ie.small pox) into the tribes or just simply massacred them. The ancestors of the survivors of that obliteration still do not have a homeland and they are oppressed, some of the poorest in the whole nation. So where is all this criticism for Israel coming from? Whatever our "crimes" are they don't compare to that type of brutality. Where is Amnesty International on that issue? And while I'm on the subject, Europe has some nerve criticizing Israel, the same Europe that banned Jews and forced them into ghettos only to be murdered at the hands of Nazis can now start pointing fingers? Because silly, that was a LONG time ago, right!? Yeah, why don't you all start cleaning up your own messes before you get involved in ours! 

Kol HaKavod to Rabbi Richman for speaking up and making these excellent points (in "quotes" above) in this video. Please watch and share!

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Guys and Modesty

Guys and Modesty

Very interesting and rare article on the aspect of men and modesty...something that is most often focused on as it pertains to women and dress. Modesty is more than just clothing but also about speech and attitude. For both men and women.

The Full-Blown Return of Anti-Semitism in Europe

The Full-Blown Return of Anti-Semitism in Europe

Aish.com article.

Now I thought we'd gone and buried this thing!

Here we go again!!! Well it looks as though there is compelling evidence that the birth certificate of BHO is a forgery or at least something's been tampered with. I have said this before; Why is it that people are making such a big deal at wanting to see the birth certificate of the man that is leading the USA when anytime a common citizen needs to apply for a drivers license a passport, or a marriage license... heck I think even to get into college they need a birth certificate! So why is it that the president doesn't need to show his when it is written in the constitution "natural born citizen"! I think there should be a law passed that when any president gets elected he should have to show his birth certificate... to avoid this becoming a racial thing. The fact is that we have never had a president with such a diverse racial background before, this is true. We can point fingers and say all the negatives we want to the skeptics by calling them racist but in the end of the day he lived in Kenya, his father is a Muslim and that freaks people out!
When you are used to having presidents who are white bread and from aristocratic families then all of a sudden someone comes along from a divorced, racially mixed family, raised by his grandmother etc... this is just out of the norm and can throw the most accepting of people right off their game. I am by no means a racist. I am proud of America for electing a black president. What scares me the most is that his relationship and plans with Israel's future. I am not very trusting of politicians in general, in my opinion he's no different that any republican, democrat, white, christian, pro-Israel, Israeli, right-wing,  left-wing... Politicians are politicians.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Dont mess with Israel....

I may risk sounding unpopular or being called a few things for saying so but don't hang up yet. There is a strong correlation of peace negotiation with Israel natural disasters or other major events in the world. I hinted to this in my May 22nd post. And on May 25th disaster struck Joplin, MO killing 125 people. A fire-chief was quoted as saying that his city was literally "cut in half!" Just as Obama says he wants to divide up Israel.
Also recently the earthquake and tsunami in Japan coincided with the trial of the captive young Jewish boys in a Japanese prison. Shirat Devorah Blog has a nice post about this too.You can read some more of these correlations  here in a well researched blog. Fascinating! Also found another site saying similar things here. What you think Hashem doesn't run the world!?

And we all thought this was only about Jews...

I really think that the people protesting against Israel haven't thought it through. I don't think they understand the expanse of what's happening here. Gaza is ruled by Hamas, the vast majority of Gazans elected Hamas, not Fatah. If we think the same thing isn't coming if there is a state for the Palestinians in the "West Bank" we are really with our heads in the sand. Shariah Law will win, because it is a strong force. It's about bullying. And what's going to happen to the Christians that live in these areas if a State is established. Will they be protected? My guess is it will be just like Gaza. All those who fled to the WB are going to have to get ready for a repeat of what life was like in Gaza. Is this seriously the best alternative?

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

I think Bibi said it well.

How can one argue with Bibi? He made his point quite well, and everything he said was true. Obama says we should return to the 1967 lines with "mutual swaps". It still isn't going to help. Until the day comes that this generation of "Palestinian" refugees recognizes Israel's right to exist and admit they are piggybacking on the country we built from the ground up and trying to claim right to it, and stop calling for the destruction of Israel, there is no chance at peace with them. So this I am afraid means never. What we can do is start praying harder for the geula b'rachamim, and dedicate ourselves to wiping out sinat chinam from amongst our own people. When we truly start loving our fellow, Hashem will show us deserved kindness of bringing the Moshiach. Be'Ezrat Hashem in our days.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Please spread the word!

This is very well done and a great explanation of why supporting President Obama's "Two State Solution" will be detrimental to the remainder of Israel, and even put my family (G-d forbid) at risk. Please share.
 I am asking whoever is reading this blog (maybe no one is?) to spread the word. This is the way the news gets around. Subscribe to my blog if you like what I have to say, make comments and share with others. 
We need to get the word out that this is not an acceptable solution in the Middle East. It's not an acceptable solution but rather a continuation of "the final solution". This is not paranoia. This is the evil of the world and the reality is we are surrounded by huge Jew hating Arab lands and we are the "bulls-eye" in the middle. And now we are setting up to give them more? Where is the backbone!? When will we finally stand up and tell America off the very way they just did to us? Why are we accepting this!? We have an arsenal and we have had miracles in the past. I think we need to start thinking for ourselves because no one else values our friendship as an ally enough to not stab us in the back. But I am resting well at night and definitely not losing sleep. Hashem is in control of all and America better get ready. Anytime America messes with us FEMA is strangely needed to be called to action. Hmm.

Beck: Obama's Betrayal of Israel. May 19, 2011

Obama: "A Full and Phased Withdrawal" by Israel to "1967 Lines" - Defense/Middle East - Israel News - Israel National News

Obama: "A Full and Phased Withdrawal" by Israel to "1967 Lines" - Defense/Middle East - Israel News - Israel National News

An 8 mile stretch of land is all we get out of this deal, thanks a lot, Wow! Now I will have Arabs in my back yard stealing from me and most likely shooting rockets into my town. Meanwhile the Arab world is huge and surrounds my already tiny country...
We only have Hashem and his mercy to rely on... everyone wants to take us out. This is just another threat against us. We must not waver in our emuna and our dedication to the mitzvot. It is time for us to do teshuva in a real way. This is not coming from Obama! This is a test from Hashem... it all is, the Arabs are merely pawns in the hands of Hashem. Will we get the message? He wants us to return, to return to our land, to return to Him, to stop hating our fellow, to keep His Torah! Let us wake up before it is too late!

Friday, May 20, 2011

Jews For Jesus

Jews For Jesus

Aish.com posted this article in the link above about tactics of messianic Jews aka Jews For Jesus. I think this is important to read although most of us living in Israel wont come face to face with a messianic or a missionary. This actually did happen to me once, with a Mooney. I argued with her and told her to get out of my neighborhood. They came to my apartment a few days before said incident and we had no idea who they were. We invited them in for tea, these two petite Asian women and they told us they were having a unity rally for all faiths to bring us all together. We were like "what's the harm?" Then we read that these were Mooneys and their mission was to spread their beliefs and try to convert people. As soon as I saw these people again I said "I know why you are here and I think you need to get out and stop preying on unsuspecting Jews". She gave me an evil look, made a hissing sound and began cursing me out in Korean (or something).

This was a rather benign incident but they target people hard in the States and within Israel in non- religious, Russian and other immigrant areas of Israel. I remember one tactic used while I was visiting NY a few years back.
The J for J actually left a disc on our Rabbi's doorstep. The disc was in Yiddish (!) and was all about the J-man, but in Yiddish! Their aim was to target the elderly I'm sure. I remember there was an outrage by people in the neighborhood. With good reason, these tactics are sinister and below the belt and they know exactly what they are trying to do.
I used to walk past a "Chosen People Ministries" every day when I lived in Chicago. I don't know why I never threw eggs at the place, even though I wanted to! Especially when I saw an X-mas tree and a Menorah at the same time in their window during the Holidays. They use the language of the Jews and make you think they are authentic. But a pig also has hooves! It looks kosher form the outside right? Ahh, but inside we know he does not chew his cud... "70%" is not kosher..."99%" is not kosher, only "100%" is kosher. It cant be "kind of" kosher! The Jews are supposed to keep their distance from the Nations for this very reason. Because we have such a strong sense of brotherhood we stick together, but that same sense of brotherhood can also make us feel obligated to reach out to the Nations, which isnt necessarily wrong. But look at it this way; we are commanded to give a tithe, 10% is mandatory, and anything more is tzedakka or charity. It says to give to your people in your own neighborhood first. The people of your town are first priority (with the exception of your own family who are always first). Then you can give to Jews outside your community and so on. I think this goes along the same lines... reach out to those in your community, then to Jews outside the community. There is no commandment to reach out to non-Jews and no commandment to give tzedakka to non-Jews. Why do we Jews feel obligated to make everyone like us? We have so much strife amongst ourselves! We need to start in our own back yard. Doing more for each other. This is why I want to start this project via my blog for learning the mitzvot concerning the laws of interactions between man and his fellow. It makes sense to strengthen our unit as a people.
I am happy that Christians are supportive of Israel, even though I know it is not without motives. I know that they believe that the J-man will only "return" once there is peace restored and the Jews accept The J-man. So this is the tactic the messianics are using, by trying to get Jews to accept J-man in their own way, while support for Israel by Christians in general is another, more subtle tactic. I am happy they support Israel rather than not supporting or by using violence or forcing conversions like old times. But the subtleties should not be overlooked. They should be very clear and very understood. Glenn Beck for example is doing great PR for Israel, kind of a hero among the nations for his ongoing support. But make no mistake and do not be fooled. He is very strong in his beliefs, he reads his scriptures. It says what it says in the NT and and he believes in that. This is his guiding force in life and just like the next thinking and practicing Christian he has a doctrine of how his "messiah" is going to "return", and it involves us as Jews accepting this doctrine. It's like, I like him from afar... but I'm keeping my distance. I wont break bread with him or share wine with him. This we are commanded not to do because the Torah is wisdom, Hashem knows we are vulnerable. For all the enemies we have there is a "friend" out there waiting to pick us up and rescue us from the enemies. "I am with you" he says! "I stand with Israel"! We have many more like us who stand with you... come... you'll see...

Shabbat Shalom.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Totally hilarious!

Is anyone surprised?

Israel is condemned for violating the Oslo Agreement by building homes to live and raise families, while who's mentioning the violations of international law (Geneva Convention) by the Palestinians for using children as shields and targeting civilian areas and civilians? Why the double standard all the time? Like I said is anyone surprised at this point?

He get's it!

Glenn Beck, who I have sort of a love/ hate thing going on. Despite that, he REALLY has it on the mark when it comes to Israel. He really get's it, the truth of what's happening here. He speaks up, with heart, one of the only people who do. It's touching to see he feels something, he's not numb. There is evil out there, if there wasn't the twin towers would still be standing. Osama may be gone (or may not, who really knows), but that doesn't mean there aren't more lining up to take his seat. Beck is warning us all, America watch out! Look at Europistan!

This is a great show!

This shows how people react to antisemitic comments made by a bakery employee. 

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Japanese High Court Rejects Hassidic Appeal - Jewish World - Israel News - Israel National News

Japanese High Court Rejects Hassidic Appeal - Jewish World - Israel News - Israel National News

Glen Beck Rally

Glenn Beck Plans %u2018Restoring Courage%u2019 Rally on Temple Mount - Inside Israel - Israel News - Israel National News

I have mixed feelings about Glenn Beck. It's like on one hand he supports Israel but on the other hand what about that rant he went on about the Jews murdering The J-man? I don't know whether to trust what he says or not. Most people hate him, at least all the left wingers I know do. I haven't really listened to his opinions on other issues. I just know that he says he stands for Israel and everything he says about Israel in the video in the article link is true.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Important Statistics

Statistic of muslims killed in wars

Some 11,000,000 Muslims have been violently killed since 1948, of which 35,000, or 0.3 percent, died during the sixty years of fighting Israel, or just 1 out of every 315 Muslim fatalities. In contrast, over 90 percent of the 11 million who perished were killed by fellow Muslims.

And might I ad that these were not malicious attacks against Arabs on the whole, but rather defense or retaliation in cases of war or terrorism.

Left Protests IDF's Rebuff of Syrian Infiltrators - Inside Israel - Israel News - Israel National News

Left Protests IDF's Rebuff of Syrian Infiltrators - Inside Israel - Israel News - Israel National News

I wish Anti- Israeli Jews would just pack up and leave if they are unhappy here. Either support the State that gives you freedom in the only democracy in the Middle East or go live with the people you sympathize with. If you think they will give you the same freedoms... lets find out! I would love to see their reaction if the Govt had the guts to punish anti-Israeli Israelis. I would say appropriate punishment is to exile them to an Arab village and let them find out how quickly they can make friends there. I'm sure they would be crying in their hummus in no time!

One Jew, Eleven Arabs Reported Dead in Arab Attacks - Defense/Middle East - Israel News - Israel National News

One Jew, Eleven Arabs Reported Dead in Arab Attacks - Defense/Middle East - Israel News - Israel National News

Bedtime Shema; The importance of the mitzvah


After all the stress of the day, all the crazy news and all the work load. We tend to carry all these events into our night time rest, all that stress and things like anxiety and worry can reflect in our dreams, resulting in restless or interupted sleep. In Judaism, theres always an answer, Bedtime Shema, Just relax, give it to Hashem and sleep well.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

IDF Stops Nakba Invasions from Lebanon and Gaza; 4 Lebanese Dead - Defense/Middle East - Israel News - Israel National News

IDF Stops Nakba Invasions from Lebanon and Gaza; 4 Lebanese Dead - Defense/Middle East - Israel News - Israel National News

Naqba Day Violence Strikes

Naqba Day Violence Strikes  

Here's an article in the JPost detailing some of the violence today in Israel. I find it quite crazy that they threw Molotov cocktails at Hadassa Mount Scopus Hospital a hospital that is one of the most Arab filled places I've ever been. Gee, I guess they know their real target quite well. A place that, like all hospitals in Israel treats Arab patients just the same as Jews. A place that has Arab Doctors, just like all the hospital in Israel. Wow! How that for apartheid? Nope! I've never heard of an apartheid State that allows "the others" in as professionals working side by side with the "whites" or to be treated side by side with the "whites". Hmmm.

A Palestinian Myth

If you want to know why they blame the Jews unlawfully for the displacement of the Arabs.

All of Israel within Rocket Range under Hamas-Fatah State - Defense/Middle East - Israel News - Israel National News

All of Israel within Rocket Range under Hamas-Fatah State - Defense/Middle East - Israel News - Israel National News

This is not the kind of peace treaty anyone wants. Let's wake up and see what's really happening here!

Please G-d destroy our enemies!

Today will hopefully be a day just like any other day. A peaceful day, a quiet day... business as usual. I am trying to positively visualize my husband going to and from work surrounded by protective white light and to come and go in peace. לצאתך לשלום בואך בשלום

Please G-d destroy our enemies. Let us come together as a nation and destroy Amalek. Our own hatred within our camp is allowing the enemies to have power. When we have achdut, when we are truly ONE people, without sinat chinam our enemy will have no power over us.

What can we do? We have so much power really. If we can just guard our tongue, and not speak badly about our fellow. Act kindly and even give our time to help others in need, a new mother, a widow, a poor person, a single person, a new couple, a sick person r"l, a family who just moved in the neighborhood, a new Oleh. Think of what they need. Maybe a meal, maybe some advice or help finding their way, maybe just tefillot. We can try to work on our middot, what's missing, where are we faltering? We can pray more. We can give tzeddakah. We can volunteer. We can be more patient with our own family members. We can take on a small mitzvah or stringency for clal Yisrael. We can be more scrupulous with modesty, since we are the crown, the Machut, of Hashem.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

So what I'm doing now is this...

I've decided to tune it down on facebook and just write what's on my mind in my blog, that way, whoever cares can have a look see and whomever doesnt can chose not to. No more in your face politics on facebook... (blie neder)! And the bonus is I can feel free to say what I want and know that only the people who care, and maybe that's no one, can read what I have to say. So B'Teavon!, L'Chaim!, To Your Health!, Bon Appetit!

Thought for the day; May 11

63 years ago the Jewish People finally got a homeland after being murdered and expelled from almost every other land they tried to dwell. No one wanted us except the Holy Land which welcomes us home with open arms. No one else wanted us but everyone else wants a piece of Israel. Why cant we just have one little country of our own without having to share with and answer to everyone else?