Thursday, May 26, 2011

Dont mess with Israel....

I may risk sounding unpopular or being called a few things for saying so but don't hang up yet. There is a strong correlation of peace negotiation with Israel natural disasters or other major events in the world. I hinted to this in my May 22nd post. And on May 25th disaster struck Joplin, MO killing 125 people. A fire-chief was quoted as saying that his city was literally "cut in half!" Just as Obama says he wants to divide up Israel.
Also recently the earthquake and tsunami in Japan coincided with the trial of the captive young Jewish boys in a Japanese prison. Shirat Devorah Blog has a nice post about this too.You can read some more of these correlations  here in a well researched blog. Fascinating! Also found another site saying similar things here. What you think Hashem doesn't run the world!?

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