Tuesday, May 24, 2011

I think Bibi said it well.

How can one argue with Bibi? He made his point quite well, and everything he said was true. Obama says we should return to the 1967 lines with "mutual swaps". It still isn't going to help. Until the day comes that this generation of "Palestinian" refugees recognizes Israel's right to exist and admit they are piggybacking on the country we built from the ground up and trying to claim right to it, and stop calling for the destruction of Israel, there is no chance at peace with them. So this I am afraid means never. What we can do is start praying harder for the geula b'rachamim, and dedicate ourselves to wiping out sinat chinam from amongst our own people. When we truly start loving our fellow, Hashem will show us deserved kindness of bringing the Moshiach. Be'Ezrat Hashem in our days.

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