Friday, May 20, 2011

Jews For Jesus

Jews For Jesus posted this article in the link above about tactics of messianic Jews aka Jews For Jesus. I think this is important to read although most of us living in Israel wont come face to face with a messianic or a missionary. This actually did happen to me once, with a Mooney. I argued with her and told her to get out of my neighborhood. They came to my apartment a few days before said incident and we had no idea who they were. We invited them in for tea, these two petite Asian women and they told us they were having a unity rally for all faiths to bring us all together. We were like "what's the harm?" Then we read that these were Mooneys and their mission was to spread their beliefs and try to convert people. As soon as I saw these people again I said "I know why you are here and I think you need to get out and stop preying on unsuspecting Jews". She gave me an evil look, made a hissing sound and began cursing me out in Korean (or something).

This was a rather benign incident but they target people hard in the States and within Israel in non- religious, Russian and other immigrant areas of Israel. I remember one tactic used while I was visiting NY a few years back.
The J for J actually left a disc on our Rabbi's doorstep. The disc was in Yiddish (!) and was all about the J-man, but in Yiddish! Their aim was to target the elderly I'm sure. I remember there was an outrage by people in the neighborhood. With good reason, these tactics are sinister and below the belt and they know exactly what they are trying to do.
I used to walk past a "Chosen People Ministries" every day when I lived in Chicago. I don't know why I never threw eggs at the place, even though I wanted to! Especially when I saw an X-mas tree and a Menorah at the same time in their window during the Holidays. They use the language of the Jews and make you think they are authentic. But a pig also has hooves! It looks kosher form the outside right? Ahh, but inside we know he does not chew his cud... "70%" is not kosher..."99%" is not kosher, only "100%" is kosher. It cant be "kind of" kosher! The Jews are supposed to keep their distance from the Nations for this very reason. Because we have such a strong sense of brotherhood we stick together, but that same sense of brotherhood can also make us feel obligated to reach out to the Nations, which isnt necessarily wrong. But look at it this way; we are commanded to give a tithe, 10% is mandatory, and anything more is tzedakka or charity. It says to give to your people in your own neighborhood first. The people of your town are first priority (with the exception of your own family who are always first). Then you can give to Jews outside your community and so on. I think this goes along the same lines... reach out to those in your community, then to Jews outside the community. There is no commandment to reach out to non-Jews and no commandment to give tzedakka to non-Jews. Why do we Jews feel obligated to make everyone like us? We have so much strife amongst ourselves! We need to start in our own back yard. Doing more for each other. This is why I want to start this project via my blog for learning the mitzvot concerning the laws of interactions between man and his fellow. It makes sense to strengthen our unit as a people.
I am happy that Christians are supportive of Israel, even though I know it is not without motives. I know that they believe that the J-man will only "return" once there is peace restored and the Jews accept The J-man. So this is the tactic the messianics are using, by trying to get Jews to accept J-man in their own way, while support for Israel by Christians in general is another, more subtle tactic. I am happy they support Israel rather than not supporting or by using violence or forcing conversions like old times. But the subtleties should not be overlooked. They should be very clear and very understood. Glenn Beck for example is doing great PR for Israel, kind of a hero among the nations for his ongoing support. But make no mistake and do not be fooled. He is very strong in his beliefs, he reads his scriptures. It says what it says in the NT and and he believes in that. This is his guiding force in life and just like the next thinking and practicing Christian he has a doctrine of how his "messiah" is going to "return", and it involves us as Jews accepting this doctrine. It's like, I like him from afar... but I'm keeping my distance. I wont break bread with him or share wine with him. This we are commanded not to do because the Torah is wisdom, Hashem knows we are vulnerable. For all the enemies we have there is a "friend" out there waiting to pick us up and rescue us from the enemies. "I am with you" he says! "I stand with Israel"! We have many more like us who stand with you... come... you'll see...

Shabbat Shalom.

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