Sunday, May 15, 2011

Please G-d destroy our enemies!

Today will hopefully be a day just like any other day. A peaceful day, a quiet day... business as usual. I am trying to positively visualize my husband going to and from work surrounded by protective white light and to come and go in peace. לצאתך לשלום בואך בשלום

Please G-d destroy our enemies. Let us come together as a nation and destroy Amalek. Our own hatred within our camp is allowing the enemies to have power. When we have achdut, when we are truly ONE people, without sinat chinam our enemy will have no power over us.

What can we do? We have so much power really. If we can just guard our tongue, and not speak badly about our fellow. Act kindly and even give our time to help others in need, a new mother, a widow, a poor person, a single person, a new couple, a sick person r"l, a family who just moved in the neighborhood, a new Oleh. Think of what they need. Maybe a meal, maybe some advice or help finding their way, maybe just tefillot. We can try to work on our middot, what's missing, where are we faltering? We can pray more. We can give tzeddakah. We can volunteer. We can be more patient with our own family members. We can take on a small mitzvah or stringency for clal Yisrael. We can be more scrupulous with modesty, since we are the crown, the Machut, of Hashem.

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