Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Rabbi Chaim Richman From The Temple Institute Speaks Up!

"The American experience is based on colonialism and occupation... who's land is Israel occupying? We have returned to our own land!" If anything America is the hypocrite here if they think Israel stole land from Arabs and should return it. They should then return all of America to the Native Americans... because this is a fact that American soil used to belong to them! When the colonialists decided they wanted the land they systematically introduced diseases (ie.small pox) into the tribes or just simply massacred them. The ancestors of the survivors of that obliteration still do not have a homeland and they are oppressed, some of the poorest in the whole nation. So where is all this criticism for Israel coming from? Whatever our "crimes" are they don't compare to that type of brutality. Where is Amnesty International on that issue? And while I'm on the subject, Europe has some nerve criticizing Israel, the same Europe that banned Jews and forced them into ghettos only to be murdered at the hands of Nazis can now start pointing fingers? Because silly, that was a LONG time ago, right!? Yeah, why don't you all start cleaning up your own messes before you get involved in ours! 

Kol HaKavod to Rabbi Richman for speaking up and making these excellent points (in "quotes" above) in this video. Please watch and share!

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