Thursday, June 2, 2011

Conning the world is getting a lot jazzier!

I am outraged at this video and that famous musicians (Coldplay ) are endorsing it. I could barely hold the vomit from rising up my esophagus the entire time I watched. I was especially incensed at the cartoon imagery of the IDF shooting into Gaza and blood spilling in the streets... um, if I'm not mistaken it's actually the Hamas terrorist group who are shooting rockets into Israel's borders and blowing up buses, spilling the blood of Israeli civilians. How is it that this could even get confusing? Of course on the You Tube site, the comments are disabled, good thing because I would be obligated to post one of the many videos taken after a terrorist attack, carried out by Arab murderers, of bloodied bodies spilled through the streets and limbs scattered about, as a video response to this. This is what they want? They want "Freedom for Palestine" to have the ability to cross over into our borders and murder Israelis? "Break down the walls" they say, well why were they put up in the first place? Maybe because there was an intifada... twice!!! Maybe because many Israeli civilians and soldiers lost their lives!

Oh and lets not forget how they sneaked a line in there about an "apartheid state". Yes we in Israel are practicing apartheid, you really nailed us on that one! Wow! Gee, last time I was in the hospital, inside Israel's borders by the way, in Jerusalem... in Shaarei Tzedek Hospital, there were many, MANY Arab patients there and even Arab doctors, and not just Israeli Arabs, Palestinian Arabs with full garb walking around free, getting free medical treatment FOR FREE! America doesn't even afford that luxury! I have seen them in the Jerusalem Biblical Zoo and at the Malcha Mall in Jerusalem. Once two women in Hijabs and their children were actually eating pizza in the booth right behind me and our children were playing together, yes my kids actually played with Palestinian kids... and no one was angered or upset. I was kind and so were the mothers. They walked and shopped in the mall without a shred of fear or anxiety that they would be arrested, raped, kidnapped or attacked by Israelis! Now lets think a minute what would happen if I decided to go to a mall in Gaza? Do you think I would enjoy the same freedom as a Jewish religious woman? I would also like to mention that I have encountered Arabs shopping and at the zoo and at holy sites around this country and have never witnessed an Israeli being mean to them or treating them differently. I'm not saying that this has never happened but it's NOT  the norm.

Everyone seems to be forgetting a few things here, in Gaza, we pulled out, why, because of pressure from the International communities. Why are we being blamed (you can see in the video) for the poverty of Gaza...well supposed poverty, they have a lot of luxury too, but for propaganda purposes you will only see the worst of the Pallywood set. They need to leave something for the world to feel sorry for and use as leverage against Israel. Anyway, if they want us out then don't expect help, you can blame that on Arafat and Hamas who filter(ed) out all the aide coming in into their own private bank accounts and into funding their militia. If the "Palestinians" get a State (Chas V'Shalom) they should not expect any help from Israel. They will of course continue to blame Israel for the poverty and oppression I'm sure.

Nothing that you saw in this video is based on the truth. People choose to be oppressed. They label themselves and they fortify it by advertising themselves as the pathetic nation they are. The International communities have funded them and they could have used the money to build themselves, they could have empowered themselves by acting like human beings and by not subscribing to hate and violence as a means to communicate with Israel. They could educate themselves like the rest of the world does and go wherever they want, or build their communities and build commerce. Which I think they are managing to do quite well with luxury hotels and malls anyway. Israel shouldn't be blamed. But all they want is to play games, because that is exactly what this is. The are conning the world.

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