Friday, June 3, 2011

Shameless self promotion ;)

I am proud to announce the opening of my new store named "A Country Romance"! Named so because I love my country Israel, which is also why I used a blue and white color scheme. Also because I love the style of  hippie, country, romantic, soft flowing "Bat Ayin" type clothing and style. I hope to be able to bring this to a broader audience. This is all in fashion again and I couldn't be happier. I sell accessories and head coverings and soon jewelry B'Ezrat Hashem! Maybe I'll even put up some of my hand-spun yarns!
All of the items in my shop are hand sewn/made by me or with the help of my personal seamstress. All the designs are mine. I make the wrap snood in different lengths and with wider and longer/shorter ties then what you buy in a hat store and are my design. There will be more styles listed soon and hopefully will automatically post through facebook. It's all very new to me now! So stay tuned!
Please G-d this should be a way to support Israel, my Israeli Olim family (us), and bring beauty to the modest woman. (KY"R)

Update: July 5th 2011;
I've decided to change the name of the store to something a little shorter, catchier and more explanatory. Unfortunately, although the previous name was more meaningful, it was a little long and didn't really say a lot about what I sell. I guess that's how it goes sometimes! The new store name is "Velvet Chic", because most of what I sell and what I'm "famous" for are the velvet snoods. Hopefully it will catch more attention, who knows? Hakol Min HaShamayim!

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Michael Pastore said...

Good luck with this new store. I will put a link to your store on my website.
--Michael Pastore, Ithaca, New York