Wednesday, July 20, 2011

I got a response today to my email to Lush regarding our boycott;

Dear Bina,

Thank you for your email. I'm sorry to hear you're disappointed with Lush's support for the OneWorld project.

Lush UK have added their voice to the OneWorld project to help raise awareness about human rights abuse and poverty facing Palestinians. The campaign is based on the implementation of United Nations resolutions and international humanitarian and human rights law to protect civilians.
The history between Israel and Palestine is long, complicated and often under dispute. However, what is very clear is the level of suffering occurring today, in part due to the military blockade of the Gaza strip and the Wall being built in the West Bank which cuts Palestinian people off from vital infrastructure, including health services, and has led to restrictions on movement, a lack of drinking water plus increased poverty and human rights abuse in the area. History does not excuse such suffering. It will take both sides to come to a solution, but what is also clear is that this is not a conflict of two equal sides and thus the onus must be on the dominating force, Israel. The OneWorld project has been launched in solidarity with the Palestinian people and, like Lush, strives for human rights and equality for all regardless of race or religion, is non-partisan and does not support violence. OneWorld is supported by both Palestinian and Israeli organisations and aims to help create a just peace for all people living in the region.

We support organisations fighting for human rights all around the world on a variety of issues, from the freedom of West Papua and Tibet to labour rights of workers in India, women's rights in Africa and environmental rights of indigenous people in Latin America. Whilst there are many other issues we have not supported, there are sadly limitations as to how much we can do.

Throughout the course of the year we support many humanitarian, animal and environmental causes, many of which are nominated by our own customers. We welcome and value all feedback, so thank you for getting in touch with us. I will be sure to pass your comments on to our Campaigns team for future consideration.

Kind regards,

Vicky Jansson
Customer Care Manager
Lush Ltd.

My response:
Why cant you keep politics out of cosmetics? Eventually you are going to upset someone. There are two sides to every story! Have you ever bothered to hear the Jewish point of view on the situation? Our 12% of World population vs. The Arab 35% means nothing to you? Jews don't deserve a homeland? Even though we're surrounded by an Arab population that hates us if for nothing more than being Jewish?

This isn't about human rights for Palestinians. It's about rights for everyone. Israeli's deserve rights too. Jews deserve rights. We deserve to have one tiny piece of land in the Middle-East that has a historical connection for us for far longer and more meaningful than anyone else living here. It's about protecting the people who live here, within the borders of Israel. The citizens of Israel are Jewish, Christian and Arab. All deserving freedom of movement without fear of riding buses and walking the streets. Remember we gave Gaza back? If they cant handle it, and require our assistance then maybe they should be nice! If Arafat (and now Hamas) wouldn't have (and are) funneled all the aid given to his people into his Swiss accounts they would be far better off. But that's I suppose our fault too!? The wall is for the protection of the citizens of Israel. Unfortunately the behavior of the the terrorist regime they elected (almost unanimously) is to blame. As long as they solve their problems with violence this will be the result. I do however believe that much of what you see in the mainstream media, which is sorely biased against Israel, is showing much propaganda. "Pallywood" at its finest.

The boycott will continue. I am disappointed that Lush, who seem to really want to help fight for what's good in the world, would support terrorism, antisemitism and Holocaust denial outright.

Turning a blind eye to the truth, that is; Arabs in Israel have it better than anywhere else... Look at any Arab country on the map and you will see Muslims killing civilians, even other Muslims. This is how they solve problems, martyrdom and Jihad, maiming and killing. This is ingrained in them from childhood (camp Jihad, learning to kill Jews etc) and sadly it wont change here either. We have no tolerance in Israel for this behavior. So if that makes us the evil ones in your eyes, maybe you ought to rethink what you are fighting for. I pray your eyes should be open to the truth and their should be peace in The Land.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Rest In Peace Leiby Kletzky

Leiby Kletzky was laid to rest yesterday, Hashem sent a clear message with a rare full rainbow over Brooklyn. Rainbows became a symbol since the time of Noach and the Great Flood.
After the Flood and the deliverance of Noach and his family, G-d shows Noach the rainbow in the clouds as a sign of His covenant with mankind that He will never again bring a deluge to destroy them (Beraishit 9:8-17).
It's a calling to do tshuva, repent. We can not fathom at all in our tiny minds why or how something like this could happen to a sweet, naive little boy, who only wanted to show that he was responsible enough to walk home by himself. What parent doesn't want their child to be independent? But at the same time we worry for their safety. And children especially aren't expecting that someone from their own community a "religious" person could hurt them. We tell our kids, if you're ever lost or need help always ask another Jew. Well now we are all taking stock and thinking again about that advice.
I think that the rainbow came out yesterday not only because of the loss of this sweet neshama, but also because he was murdered by a Jew. None of us ever thought this was possible.
The mercy of Hakadosh Boruch Hu is endless, but we as a people needed a reminder, especially at this time, that we can only rely on Him. "Boruch Dayan Emet", blessed is the True Judge. He gives and He takes. He decides when and how. Everything He does is good even when we cant understand. That is why we say "Blessed is the True Judge". But If we repent and come to Him. If we cry to Abba, and ask Him to forgive us and help us correct our wrongs, we wont know from this type of suffering and we can mitaken the wrong that happened to Leiby. It's hard to realize in the throws of loss and the feelings of injustice and pain, and all the anger and horror that surrounded this tragedy, that it isn't up to us. Leiby finished his tikkun. He is in Shemayim, straight to the top. It's up to us down here to hear the message. Sometimes it's subtle. Sometimes it rocks the world. If you don't hear it when it rocks the world...

Please take this opportunity to think about something you can do to make things better. To right the wrong. Take on another mitzvah, improve yourself and your relationship with Hashem. Something small that you can do, without a neder (vow), for the aliyat neshama of Leiby, Yehuda Ben Nachman .

My heartfelt condolences to the Kletzky family.

המקום ינחמכם עם שאר אבלי ציון וירושלים

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

The Boycott on Lush Products IS ON!!!

Join the Boycott here! 

Pana and I are posting updates all the time, so please join and tell your friends to join in and support Israel by boycotting Lush! Anti Israeli, Israeli product boycotts, and third intifada pages on facebook are quickly reaching thousands if not hundreds of thousands of supporters so please don't think your voice doesn't count! But it only counts if you join!!! The more people we have the more potential our voice has to become a roar! The louder our roar, better the chance we will be heard.