Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Mess With The Bull Ya Get The Horns

  Israeli Soldiers shielding Arab kids from Gaza rockets

I have been thinking a lot lately, I guess during war situations it preoccupies my mind a lot.  I am often checking for updates and watching news stories from INN and others on youtube. My mistake is reading the comments. They get pretty aggressive. Sometimes if I feel I can get someone to see my point I'll write back but sometimes I know there is no point so I'll just be agressive back. I know that sounds like a big waste of time but the war is on in cyber space too.

My husband was at work today when a code red siren went off. There's no bomb shelter there which isnt very comforting. I actually heard the explosion where I am.

I want the war to be effective and not end before the job is done. The media are getting so worked up every time lives are lost in Gaza. Loss of life is not the goal here unless they are Hamas militant targets. But we never aim to kill civilians, unlike our enemy across the border who is dafka trying to kill Israeli Civilians. There is definitely a different standard here that I think is being ignored by most people forming opinions against Israel.

I was thinking today about the scenario of sibling or cousin when we were kids and you know, when the kid starts bothering you and you try to ignore it, then it gets more annoying, they wont stop, you warn them "cut it out!" he keeps it up, and keeps it up, your face becoming redder and redder, eventually you burst and beat the daylights out of him saying "I warned you!!!" Now you're going to get it... mess with the bull you're getting the horns!!! This is the perfect analogy for what we are dealing with. How much have we put up with? How many warnings, how many times did we try to solve it without war? I mean there is only so much anyone can be expected to put up with. And now they are crying, but what the heck did any of them expect that we were going to sit around and allow rockets to rain sdown every day as a way of life that we would be willing to get used to? The children of Sderot who are celebrating Bar and Bas mitzvah this year have never known a life without code red and missiles falling in their city. It's about damn time we did something, even if its took too long to get our acts together lets complete the task.

I've also been thinking about the hypocrisy that is always the situation in the Muslim world. You know we are constantly under attack as Jews, Israelis, we are used to being critcized and made fun of, being the center of bad political cartoons. We usually take it in stride. It's infuriating  but like i said were used to it. On the other hand, when anyone makes fun of or draws a cartoon making fun of Islam or Muslims they lose it completely and everyone involved has to pay the price.

Another example is Israel being accused of being built on the blood of Palestinians. I know, this comment took me by surprise but the thing about it was how hypocritical a statement it is considering the entire Middle East is a burial ground for all those that refused to follow Islamic law or convert to Islam. They definitely have a stronghold on bullying for the sake of honoring Allah. I have seen video footage of Ghana's non Muslims being burned to death by the Muslims, It happened by Sadam Husein all over Iraq to the Kurds there, The Armenians were massacred, countless Jews in Arab nations. I could go on.

No our tiny nation wont stand for it and the world has no respect for our rights and courage. Moshiach is coming!

I ran across this video and I thought I would share;

Peace upon our Land and safety for our Chayalim and the people in danger. Please say tehillim for the situation.

Saturday, November 17, 2012

We Wont Be Afraid And We Wont Back Down!

I live in Beit Shemesh, I am technically 45km or so outside of Gaza target range, as long as they dont use long range Fajr missiles that is. I have never been up close and personal with any type of explosion except the time a car bomb went off in the center of Jerusalem back in 2001 during the second intifada. That was frightening, I think the most frightening part about it wasnt the explosion but the public reaction to the explosion, which was panic. Not knowing what to do and where to go was really upsetting. I have friends in this country who have been in terror attacks and friends who have lost their family members and friends. That is why I am writing on this blog again. I cant sit here reading these news articles and fighting my opinion with idiots that have never been anywhere close to this stuff and who base their opinions on what they hear the newscasters say. People who sympathize with a country of
people who elected a terrorist regime to lead them into war should expect war. Were they not prepared for the notion of a hard defense? And everyone cries for them?

Israel is a civilized country. We dont target civilians in Gaza, in fact we give warnings before we destroy the target sites to civians to leave the area. However, they have been attacking and bombing us for 12 years without relent and without warning. The few times we have tried to defend ourselves we have pulled out due to pressure from outsiders. Why? Because when it comes down to it most of the world denies our right to exist. When Hamas attacks they target civilians. When is the last time an Israeli strapped on a suicide vest and boarded a bus in Gaza? When is the last time we kidnapped an Arab for ransom of our own? Why didnt we do that for Gilad? Because we are a humane country, one that cares for Arabs in our own hospitals employs them and lives freely with people from other religions while maintaining our own culture and religious freedom. When I had my last child I nursed him next to an Arab woman in the same hospital ward in the same room. Does this sound like apartheid?

I dont like war, no one does. But if Israel backs down what's next? Will they finally develop the ability to nuke Israel? I mean lets just go in and get the job DONE this time. The pull out from Cast Led in 2009 predicted this very dilemma we are now all facing. The pull out from Gaza from Gush Katif did as well now we are all paying the heavy price.

May our soldiers be zoche to miracles this Chodesh Kislev and Hashem should protect them as they are protecting us. We appreciate you all for your dedicated service.